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Transmission Service, Brake Service in Waterbury, Vermont

Car Engine, Brake Service in Waterbury, VT
For everything automotive, including transmission service, fuel injection services, and brake service, turn to Ted's Kar Kare in Waterbury, Vermont.

Brake Fluid Flush

Did you know, when brake fluid is very dirty it will actually cause brake parts to rust from the inside out? Stop by our auto shop and let our experts flush your brakes today.

A brake fluid flush should be performed approximately once a year, especially if the vehicle has been sitting idle. This will remove any condensation and crud as well as condensation and particles from your fuel lines, extending the life of your brake lines, calipers, and wheel cylinders.

Transmission Service

Most drivers don't think about changing their transmission fluid like they think about changing their engine oil. Imagine never changing your engine oil.

A transmission flush should be performed every 30,000 miles. If you use the vehicle for towing, this should be done even earlier. This service flushes all the transmission lines, the transmission, and back flushes the filter.

*Specialty fluids and labor are not included.

Fuel Injection Service

Remove condensation and carbon buildup with our fuel injection service. This should be performed approximately every 15,000 miles. Even if the car only has 15,000 miles on it, the service still should be performed.

This service cleans all fuel lines and injectors and can help your vehicle start better, especially in cold climates. It can even improve fuel mileage.

Our injector service is more than just a fuel additive. It is a three-part service. For this, one bottle of cleaner is put directly into your engine's oil while one bottle into the injectors and a final bottle into the fuel system. After this, our mechanics will run your vehicle for approximately 30 minutes while the cleaners circulate.
Contact us in Waterbury, Vermont, and entrust your car's performance to our transmission and brake service experts.